Make your CV work as smart as you

In a market saturated with CVs and especially with the current economic climate having a CV that  creates impact is your most important asset

At CV Medic we will know that your CV is not only your most important asset in this climate, but it also speaks volumes to your next employer. Not only will we create something that we will be proud of, but you will want to spread your own buzz. Many of our clients have told us that they could not have put their own successes in such a way that speaks volumes to an employer. Nothing we create is generic, everything is bespoke and individual to you and your achievements. We will work with you to make sure the final product will give you the gumption to go for that promotion or change in career.

We are more than just paper

We know in this changing world that employers always look through the paper and if you are shortlisted will probably do an online search with either Google or one of many business networking websites. We not only make outstanding paper CVs but also create a strong impact online, creating a better impression on potential employers, and showing them what they might have missed when flicking through your HR file.

One of the biggest mistakes individuals make when trying to move up the ladder is when they have got the basics wrong. Spelling errors, spacing, headings, content and context are just some of the fundamentals which are taken for granted, but these errors can have the most profound effect. Having a GCSE or an A Level in English is all well and good, but when your CV has spelling mistakes credibility is lost and most employers will just move on to the next CV. The only feedback you will get is that someone with more experience, expertise or even a better grasp of English was successful.

We check, double check and then check again

Once we have created your CV we put it through it’s paces with our proof readers. Once the proof readers give the go ahead, we then send it to our designers who will format it to your specification, as well as making sure it is pleasing to the reader. With our insiders in HR and recruitment we then gain feedback from professionals and make any necessary tweaks and finishes, before sending it to you for final feedback. The same process applies to any letters or online profiles that we create.

Let us work hard at making the best CV for you

We constantly challenge and push ourselves as if we are walking in your shoes. We know that climbing to the top can be a challenging task. Here at CV Medic we can make that task uncomplicated by taking the hard work out of the equation. We let you continue with your day to day activities and only contact you to review your project and keep you updated at different stages of the process. Only when you are pleased, your desired outcome has been met and everything is to your satisfaction will the project be complete.

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