Different enough to be interesting and smart enough for business

We know better than anybody how to get you noticed

By looking at your target audience and measuring your current strengths and transferrable skills we have a fresh and crisp approach to CVs / Personal Branding. We understand that in this economic climate, and a very competitive job market, being creative and analytical about your approach is one of the most important aspects to getting you noticed.

There is no particular right way of creating a CV, but there are many wrong ways of trying to get your message across. This is one trap we always avoid.  Every candidate is different, every employer is different and every job role is different. Our approach is to create a winning balance of all. We make sure you’re the person who ticks all the right boxes. One thing we pride ourselves on is our continued success in allowing our clients to achieve their desired goals, enabling them to move forward in their careers.

By understanding who you are, what differentiates you in the marketplace and establishing your personal brand, you can compete in the new talent marketplace.

Catching the attention of the reader is an art form in itself, ‘How can I sell all my skills in a few sentences?’  The wrong way is to have a quick and fast approach by condensing your skills, using bad grammar, lots of bullet points with buzzwords like initiative, teamwork and flexible. In today’s climate these words are a prerequisite in most, if not all, industries and sectors. We aim to create a buzz about you, using proven techniques, tone and a certain design aspect. Our finished article is your starting point to your way up.

Be it on paper, electronic or online, what we create will look and read directly to your next recruiter or employer. Not only will they be intrigued, they will shortlist you. We can guarantee that you will also be excited and motivated by your CV. If you are motivated about yourself, this will have a profound effective on your body language and attitude, especially when you are at the interview stage.

When working with CV Medic you can rely on us to deliver more than just a piece of paper. We believe that our input should motivate you, your next employer or recruiter, by delivering to them a smart and innovative way of helping all parties achieve their desired goals.

Sometimes being anti social pays off

By utilising some of today’s technology, social media is making it easier to find the right jobs, and for you to connect to the right people who can help you get those jobs. By keeping up to date with technology, our expertise in this field can make sure you don’t fall down the same pitfalls as many traditional jobseekers.

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